buildapi.config package


buildapi.config.environment module

Pylons environment configuration

buildapi.config.environment.load_environment(global_conf, app_conf)[source]

Configure the Pylons environment via the pylons.config object


buildapi.config.middleware module

Pylons middleware initialization

class buildapi.config.middleware.ControlHeadersMiddleware(app, config)[source]

Bases: object

buildapi.config.middleware.make_app(global_conf, full_stack=True, static_files=True, **app_conf)[source]

Create a Pylons WSGI application and return it

The inherited configuration for this application. Normally from the [DEFAULT] section of the Paste ini file.
Whether this application provides a full WSGI stack (by default, meaning it handles its own exceptions and errors). Disable full_stack when this application is “managed” by another WSGI middleware.
Whether this application serves its own static files; disable when another web server is responsible for serving them.
The application’s local configuration. Normally specified in the [app:<name>] section of the Paste ini file (where <name> defaults to main).

buildapi.config.routing module

Routes configuration

The more specific and detailed routes should be defined first so they may take precedent over the more generic routes. For more information refer to the routes manual at


Create, configure and return the routes Mapper

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