Mozilla Release Engineering Documentation#

This repository contains some of the more technical internal documentation for Mozilla Release Engineering.

Rendered versions of the documentation may be viewed at:


  1. Create a Python virtualenv

  2. Run:

     pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
  3. To build the docs locally and start a livereload server, run:

     make livehtml

    Verify changes by opening the linked URL in your browser. Further changes will automatically rebuild and refresh your page.

    Alternatively you can run:

     make html

    to build static docs. They will be generated under the _build/html directory.

Note: Any new docs should be directly or indirectly linked to from index.rst. (For example, if index.rst contains balrog/index.rst in its toctree, and the new doc is in the balrog/index.rst toctree, then the new doc is successfully indirectly linked.)


These docs use reStructuredText and Sphinx. Here are some reference materials:


For the original motivation behind these docs see RELENG RFC 0007.