New Scriptworker-Script#

This procedure is based on the experience of adding the pushmsixscript to scriptworker-scripts.

  • Add clients to ci-configuration repo

  • Add a new yaml file for your script’s secrets to the sops repo.

  • You may want to clone-and-modify an existing file.

  • ed25519PrivateKey is the same for all scripts.

  • Populate taskclusterAccessToken by resetting the access token for each client in the taskcluster UI: open each of your clients, use the … menu in lower right, select “reset access token”, then scroll up to see the alert.

  • Add your configuration parameters to cloudops-infra, like this.

  • git push origin master:dev-<your-script>

  • Add entries to k8s-autoscale like this.

  • The docs may be helpful.

  • Merging will automatically trigger a dev deploy.

  • Be sure to deploy k8s-autoscale to production as well.

  • When you are ready to start running tasks with your new script, add configuration to taskcluster, like this.