Balrog and Scheduled Changes#

Balrog can let you schedule changes in advance through its Scheduled Changes UI



RelEng is responsible for reviewing the scheduled change to ensure that the mechanics are correct. Most notably, the mapping, fallbackMapping, and backgroundRate need to be verified.


RelMan is responsible for reviewing the scheduled change to ensure that the shipping time is correct and to authorize that the release may be shipped. If circumstances change (eg, we discover a bug we’re not willing to ship) after they sign off, they must revoke their signoff in Balrog.


After the Scheduled Change has been created, the Balrog UI will look something like: scheduled change without signoffs

When RelEng reviews it, they will look at the Mapping, Fallback Mapping, and Background Rate (circled above). If everything looks good, they will click on the “Signoff as…” button and be presented with a dialog like: signoff modal dialog

After they make their Signoff, the primary UI will reflect that: scheduled change with one signoff

RelMan and QE will go through a similar process. Once they make their Signoffs the primary UI will reflect that as well: scheduled change with two signoffs

Now that the Signoff requirements have been met, the Scheduled Change will be enacted at the prescribed time.


If you need to update watersheds in balrog, there are also in-tree changes for update-verify and it is worth searching for relevant entries in other places as update-verify is refactored in 2020.