New Package Format#

There are some gotchas to pay attention to when adding a new package format, in particular related to bouncer.

The release-bouncer-check and cron-bouncer-check tasks use the configuration files in testing/mozharness/configs/releases/bouncer_*.py, which include 2 kinds of products: versioned ones, and -latest ones.

Because the latter do not exist in bouncer until after the first release with that package format is out, they should not be added to the bouncer-check configs until after the first release with them is shipped.

For example, if a new format foo is added in the 96.0a1 nightly cycle:

  • Firefox-%(version)-foo can be added to the beta and release configs at the same time

  • Firefox-beta-foo-latest can’t be added to (and uplifted) until after 96.0b1 is released

  • Firefox-foo-latest should be added and uplifted as soon as possible after 96.0 ships (so that if anything turns out to be wrong, cron-bouncer-check flags it ASAP), but not before (otherwise release-bouncer-check will fail and block the release).