L10n Cross-channel#

L10n cross-channel is a cron process in mozilla-central that we use to grab all the localizable en-US strings from all of our shipping Gecko trees, then push them to a quarantine repo, after which a human can then review the commits and push them to the non-quarantine repo, where it populates strings in Pontoon for localizers to localize, after which the localized strings land in the appropriate l10n repo.

How to adjust the times cross-channel runs#

We specify the times in .cron.yml. Change those times, commit, push to phab, get review, merge. The change won’t take effect until the commit lands on mozilla-central.

How do I find cross-channel code#

The mach command comes from tools/compare-locales/mach_commands.py.

The logic comes from python/l10n/mozxchannel.

How to adjust which repositories we look at for en-US strings#

The repositories we look at are specified in get_default_config, namely the heads we pull into the unified repositories.

How do I debug cross-channel#

Use the ./mach l10n-cross-channel command. This command takes a list of actions. The prep and create actions should create an outgoing patch of any new strings. (It may help to force this by setting a quarantine repo URL that is behind a number of commits, so we always have new strings to push.)

Sprinkle with some import pdb; pdb.set_trace() and you should be able to debug.